Are you ready to create a life you love?

Imagine a life where you wake up every single day with passion and purpose…

Watch this video to find out exactly how Jade has been able to create just that.

Now that you’ve heard about Jade’s perfect days why not take a moment to imagine what your ideal day would look like?

Now go one step further and imagine if every day of your life was your ideal day….

Whether that means you spend your days travelling the world, sitting at resorts sipping cocktails, shopping all day, or spending more time at home with your loved ones (or fur babies).

I’m going to guess the only thing holding you back from turning this dream life into a reality is that you haven’t figured out how to do it.

Sigh…. so what’s a girl to do?

Well that’s where we come in. We believe everybody deserves to build a life they love. Whether you want to quit your job and travel around the world or just replace your income so you can work from home, we want you to know you CAN do it.

You are fully in control of your life. And where you’re at in life at this same point next year is totally up to you.

There is nothing wrong with receiving money for doing what you love. In fact, that is the best thing you could possibly do. Life is far too short to be doing anything other than what you absolutely love! And when you live up to your purpose you can’t help but inspire others to live up to theirs as well. Now that’s powerful!

So where do we come in? You don’t know where to start… we’re living proof you can take your passions and turn them into a business that enables you to create a life you love. So let us show you exactly how you can do it too. With our tried and tested Social Media Bootcamp.

Access the Summit Bootcamp

This 10 part training series will take you through the ins and outs of what you need to do to build a successful business through Social Media.

If you are someone who loves Social Media, this is for you!
If you are someone who loves to travel, this is for you!
If you are someone who wants more family time, this is for you!

We have created this bootcamp for the everyday people, for those who know there has to be more to life but just don’t know how to make it happen. For the newbies and even those who’ve been around the block a bit.

We are here to show you how to go from Zero to your first $1, your first $10,000, or even your first $100,000 in the online world.

Learn more about Jade…

Jade’s love for travel started young as her parents whisked her away to Europe before she was 2. But as she grew up it became apparent she couldn’t rely on her parents to fun her travels forever.

So she did the normal thing. Got that high school job and saved up for her first solo trip on a gap year straight after high school.

After that trip she knew travel had to be a constant part of her life. But it was time to do what society wanted her to. Go to uni and study for a good job. Jade studied journalism with hopes and dreams of becoming a travel writer.

But around that time she also landed her first 9-5 job at a bank. She got a taste of what it was like to earn good money and that’s where she become trapped in the corporate ladder climb.

Blinded by corporate perks, a 6 figure salary, winning awards, and attending more fancy functions than she ever imagined, she convinced herself this was what she wanted out of life.

Until one day she was sitting on her bedroom floor crying for no apparent reason and unable to bring herself to get dressed to face another day at work.

It hit her like a tonne of bricks. This wasn’t her dream. And after 10 years of climbing it all came crashing down. She needed to be travelling, needed to be spending my time with people that actually mattered, and needed to be spending her days doing what felt good to her. Not pasting on a fake smile to keep her clients happy.

You see, all the corporate perks and money mean nothing when you don’t have any time to do what you love. In our consumer driven lives stress is more prevalent than ever so people turn to their phones for comfort.

And after spending countless hours scrolling through social media (I know you’ve done that too…) Jade came across a post that changed everything…

Maybe it’s the same kinda thing that brought you here today?

Jade realised she had a very important choice. She could take this opportunity that had been presented to her right at the moment when she needed it, or she could ignore it and continue on with a life that wasn’t fulfilling her.

Now you have a similar choice ahead… what’s it gonna be?

Remember, the decisions you make today shape the rest of your life. At this very moment you are being presented with an opportunity to change the course of your life for the better.

Here’s a story that might sound familiar.

You’ve come across an opportunity and you’re super excited.
You’ve started imagining your dream lifestyle and decided you’re going to make all your hopes and dreams come true.
You’ve seen so many success stories and you can totally see yourself living this lifestyle as well.
You’re already picturing the day you tell your boss he’s fired!
You know exactly what you’re going to buy when you see that first online commission come through.
You’ve picked out your dream car, dream house, first travel destination and so on.
Then it’s crunch time.
You’re shown exactly what you have to do to achieve all your goals.
And suddenly FUD takes control…. you know, those pesky emotions.
Fear, uncertainty, doubt.

You start to question whether you’ll really be able to do this.
All the what if’s and worst case scenarios circle around your head.
You tell yourself you don’t really have time to work on this anyway.
You tell yourself it’s ok to just continue doing what you’re currently doing.
Because this probably wasn’t for you anyway.
And then you continue on as if nothing ever happened.

I know, because I’ve done this too.
When I first started online a little over 2 years ago I went through all those emotions.
I was scrolling through Facebook one evening when an ad popped up on my feed.
This friend of mine had just quit her job and moved to Mexico.
At this time I had reached breaking point at my job and really wanted a way out.
But I was scared…

Who knew if I could even succeed at this online thing.
I told myself I had a good job with fantastic perks.
I convinced myself I shouldn’t be complaining and I should just accept that this was the way life was.
But something inside me had changed.
And even though I tried to forget about it, I just couldn’t shake this nagging feeling
I’d seen people living a better way.
I knew what was possible.
It wasn’t fair, I wanted that too!

So, months later, I finally decided to make a commitment to myself.
I took a leap and jumped into the training.
I still had no clue what I was doing.
But I didn’t care how long it was going to take, I knew I was going to quit my job.
And you know how the story goes.
Eventually I did. And all that fear, uncertainty and doubt seems so silly to me now.

Here’s the thing…
I allowed short term satisfaction to be more important to me than making a better life for myself.

Thankfully I turned my story around.
But I wasted a LOT of time trying to convince myself I didn’t need to change my life.
And not taking action for so long actually cost me more…
I was stuck in my job for longer.
I missed out on making online commissions sooner.
I had someone else determining what I was worth, instead of setting my own income.
I missed out on holidays because I couldn’t get the leave I needed.

All the things that made me want to get started online in the first place.
I was just too stubborn to take that first step.

Now, if you’re reading this you may be telling yourself similar stories.
But the fact that you’ve read this far means you KNOW you need to take this leap in order to start living the life you know you deserve.
And the fact that you’re reading this message means you’ve not yet found the right program, because if you had, you wouldn’t be here right now.
Am I right?

If this applies to you, what you’re about to read is the most important thing you’ll ever read about growing
your business.

Currently you’re in a place called Desirability vs Feasibility.
Meaning, you have a desire to be successful online.
You desire to become a successful digital entrepreneur.
But you don’t think it’s feasible for you.
And what you do next will determine what ultimately happens in your life and business.
Consider this…
The fact you think it’s not feasible is because you’re working from your old “Employee Mindset”
(ya know, the one that has been keeping you trapped)
And notice that’s sabotaging you and you didn’t even know it until I just pointed it out.

Here’s The TRUTH…

You have to ask yourself this one vital question that will determine whether your business succeeds or fails and ultimately determines if your life changes. The one question is this,
“Am I going to be 100% responsible for changing my life or am I not?”.

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of responsibility is: Causing something to happen.
So, what that means to you is whatever happens in your life you have caused.
And whatever doesn’t happen in your life you have caused.
We know you’re not where you want to be today.
And you now recognise that you’ve caused that.
And, if you really want to be a successful digital entrepreneur you now know that it’s going to be you that causes it.

And so… the question has changed.

If you’re going to truly be 100% responsible for your life.
The question is no longer can I do it?
It’s now “HOW do I be 100% responsible and make this happen?”.

If you’re going to stop here and do nothing different, do you know what that means?
It means you won’t stretch yourself out of your comfort zones, which means you’re driven by fear.
It means you’re not cut out to run your own business and become a digital entrepreneur.
And it means you’re going to remain an employee or struggling in your business.

So, let’s go back to what I said was the most important question you could ask yourself.

Are you going to be 100% responsible for changing your life?

What is the Social Bootcamp

The Social Bootcamp is going to give you the absolute fastest way creating a successful business. The Social Bootcamp takes two of our best courses and combines them to make the ultimate package for success!
Our step by step Social Bootcamp will give you the exact strategies we have used to build successful businesses. We have leveraged Affiliate Marketing to build successful careers and now it’s time to show you how we did it, and how you can too.
You will also learn how Social Media is your number one asset when trying to get started online.

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